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a better

with food

About me

My name is Samantha and I am an Eating Disorders Dietitian with over 14 years experience supporting both young people and adults.

Alongside my private practice in South Staffordshire, I am the Lead Eating Disorders Dietitian at Newbridge House, a specialist hospital providing treatment for children and young people with a range of eating disorders.

As the Lead Eating Disorders Dietitian, I provide evidence-based education with the aim of supporting individuals in their journey to improve their quality of life. By helping them make small, step by step changes, they can develop a more positive relationship with food.

In my previous NHS role, I specialised in cardiac rehabilitation and care of the elderly. I also gained extensive oncology and nutritional support experience.

I’m here to

Support individuals in their journey

I treat…

Anorexia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa

Binge eating disorder


Orthorexia nervosa

Compulsive exercising

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Persuasive refusal


Other areas of expertise…





Services and fees

Private consultations on a one to one basis at Cannock Chiropractic Clinic. Local home visits may be possible – please contact me to discuss.

Initial appointment:
Up to 90 minutes £120

Up to 60 minutes £100

What to expect

The initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes.

During this time you will be asked about your:

  • Medical history
  • Weight history
  • Lifestyle
  • Dietary patterns and eating habits
  • Anxieties relating to foods and weight changes
  • Personal, lifestyle and career aspirations

Together we will..

Identify small, step-by-step, achievable changes which will enable you to improve your relationship with both food and your body

Explore you dietary “rules” and look at the evidence-base behind them; more accurate information about nutrition and healthy can be provided

There can often be many barriers to recovery. During sessions, we can explore these barriers and work at a pace you feel comfortable with.

In some cases your GP or Consultant Psychiatrist may need to be contacted before and/or after your initial consultation. This will be required if relevant tests are required to enable safe, appropriate dietary interventions. Your permission will always be sought in advance.

Why choose a Dietitian?

A quick search on the internet and you will find many “nutritionists” offering dietary advice and counselling. A word of warning, be cautious. Anyone can refer to themselves as a nutritionist; as educational training is not required it is essential that you check the qualifications of a nutritionist before you arrange your appointment.

In contrast, the title ‘Dietitian’ can only be used by those appropriately trained professionals who have registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and whose details are on the HCPC website. Dietitians are the only nutritional professionals to be regulated by law!

To continue to be registered with the HCPC, Dietitians must prove they are up-to-date with scientific research on food, health and disease. They are trained to high standards, enabling them to translate scientific and medical research and guidelines in to practical advice which helps individuals make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Get in touch…

Feel free to leave me a message or if you prefer, you can request a call back and I will call you whenever suits you best.

My contact details…

Samantha M Grigg – SMG Dietitian

BDA Full member 2017